RESHAPE Scientific Meeting March 18, 2022 at 12:30

- Amandine BERTRAND: "HOPAYA and ExPEDAJAC projects: Assessment of supportive care needs of former pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients and their parents during long-term follow-up"

Cancer diseases affect 2,100 new children, adolescents and young adults in France every year. Due to a significant improvement in the effectiveness of treatments, the cure rate for all pathologies combined is 85%. The number of patients treated for cancer in the pediatric age group is therefore progressively increasing, leading to the emergence of new problems and implying an adaptation of the long-term management of these former patients. Many questions remain unanswered concerning the real needs of patients and their primary caregivers in the long term. The HOPAYA and ExPEDAJAC projects aim to identify the expectations and needs of patients and their parents in the long-term follow-up in order to intervene early and thus reduce the incidence of late complications and their individual and social impacts.