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The patient partnership in research: an innovative approach for more relevant health research

Patient research partnership is an innovative approach that aims to integrate patient perspectives and experiences into all aspects of health research. This approach consists of researchers working with patients as actors in research, and conducting research “WITH” patients and not “ON” patients. This approach is increasingly popular because it recognizes the value of the patient perspective and improves the quality, relevance and feasibility of research.

Patient research partnership often involves patient groups working closely with researchers to determine priority research questions, define study protocols, recruit participants, collect and interpret data, and disseminate results. The goal is to ensure that research responds to the needs and concerns of patients, as well as applicable questions for professionals and public health.

This patient partnership approach to research benefits patients, researchers and society as a whole. It enables the development of research results that are relevant to patients and communities, builds public confidence in health research, and promotes more informed health decision-making.

The patient partnership in research is an innovative approach for more relevant and collaborative health research. This approach is an important step towards health research that is fairer, more responsible and more respectful of patients and their needs.

At RESHAPE, we are committed to developing patient partnership in research.

At the RESHAPE laboratory, we work to support researchers towards patient partnership via 2 axes.

  • Writing a white paper: A real guide for researchers and patients to build a research partnership.
  • The creation of a participatory research group involving health professionals and patients.

This research group collaborates and exchanges on:

  • Sharing good practices in connection with the patient partnership
  • The recurring integration of patients in research projects. This integration can be done at different levels: punctually (for the proofreading of procedures for example) or systematic (by including the patient in the reflection of the research project until the publication of a scientific article)
  • Promoting patient partnership outside the laboratory

Patients/Researchers Committee of November 20, 2023

If you are patients, researchers or health professionals and you are interested in this approach, do not hesitate to contact us via our dedicated contact form in order to answer all your questions

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