The laboratory

RESHAPE research laboratory
in Public Health

The RESHAPE (RESearch on HealthcAre PErformance) Unit U1290 is a Public Health research unit that has been operating under the dual supervision of UCBL and INSERM supervision since 2021, in partnership with the Lyon University Hospitals (HCL and CLB).

History, geographic location and research ecosystem

RESHAPE is located on the Rockefeller campus at the Lyon Est Faculty of Medicine, and has replaced the HESPER team, created in January 2016.

The team's research focuses on the performance of health services and health professionals, and includes 3 themes :

  • Personal and human factors
  • Contextual and organizational factors
  • Patient interaction factors

This work integrates observational approaches in the field, using mixed quantitative and qualitative methods, and work drawing from large local and national databases. Interventional approaches, based on the design and evaluation of interventions intended to improve the care and health of the population, are also used. This work has the particularity of taking into account both the patient, in his or her entirety, and the health professional, in his or her work environment.

The multidisciplinary nature of the team allows for original approaches ranging from proof of concept in a simulated environment to evaluation and implementation studies in real life.

The U1290 RESHAPE is directed by Pr. Antoine DUCLOS and co-directed by Pr. Anne-Marie SCHOTT, and brings together researchers from the fields of public health and various clinical disciplines, including surgery, obstetrics, pharmacy and psychology. The laboratory also welcomes many post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students and masters students.
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