RESHAPE Scientific Meeting September 9, 2022 at 12:30

Laura SCHMIDT, PhD Student, Sleep and Caregiver Performance, RESHAPE 

Impact of caregivers' work schedules on pain identification in the ICU

The ability to identify pain intensity via facial expressions is poorly assessed in anesthesia-intensive care. We assumed that the shifted schedules of caregivers would impact their ability to identify and estimate pain intensity. During this presentation, we will first conceptualize the notion of pain empathy. Then our test from cognitive psychology will be presented, this test includes two elements: 
- Test 1: Correct identification of painful and non-painful faces
- Test 2: Perception of pain intensity. 
Our monocentric study was conducted in a pediatric cardiac resuscitation team in Lyon.  No differences in qualitative and quantitative pain estimation according to the measurement schedule were observed among the caregivers.  However, levels of sleepiness impacted pain identification performance after a night shift.