RESHAPE Scientific Meeting December 8, 2023 at 12:30

Scientific Meeting December 8, 2023 at 12:30

Marc Chanelière, (MD, PhD) - MCU-MG, Coordonnateur Adjoint DES de MG Lyon, Faculté de médecine Lyon-Est, Collège Universitaire de Médecine Générale - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Self-confidence: can it be measured?
Dimensions of self-confidence in French-speaking family medicine residents in Canada (Ottawa), and France (Lyon):
Patient, teacher and student perspectives.

Initial medical training is imbued with an elitist, meritocratic culture, and a culture of shame, influencing students' self-confidence. This, in turn, impacts the safety and quality of care that are part of the social responsibility of medical training systems. Furthermore, self-confidence seems to be directly linked to the well-being of doctors, which in turn ensures the safety of care. It should be noted that self-confidence is a complex concept, potentially polysemous depending on cultural referents. To limit confusion in the use of the concept, we will discuss self-confidence in French-speaking, French, and Canadian students. Given the lack of data on the subject in these at least partly French-speaking countries, and the potential cultural dimension of self-confidence, we have chosen Ottawa, Canada, in a predominantly English-speaking context, in order to be able to highlight this dimension without the language difficulties, compared with Lyon, France, a city offering a favorable context for the study of this concept in medicine. We therefore ask the following question: what are the dimensions of self-confidence of French-speaking family medicine residents in Canada (Ottawa) and France (Lyon)?

So, to understand the dimensions that would enable us to measure self-confidence, we first illustrated them with clinical situations in family medicine, using the CeSMed model. We then explored these dimensions from the point of view of family medicine residents in Lyon, their teachers, and patients. Finally, we studied the place of self-confidence in the reflective writings of these students.

Participants in the study : M Chanelière, K Buchet-Poyau, M Keriel-Gascou, M Rabilloud, C Langlois-Jacques, S Touzet

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