Chaire Inserm 2023 : Join Us!

Chaire Inserm 2023 : Join Us!

RESHAPE launches a call for applications for the INSERM Junior Research Chair in the field of Health Services Research

Recruitment of a researcher with a PhD or equivalent (

A real career accelerator, this position is offered on a fixed-term contract (CDD) of 3 to 6 years and then allows access to tenure in the corps of research directors at Inserm. It is granted with a structuring environment including teaching activities and dedicated funding of 200,000 euros over three years.

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The junior chair proposal may relate to one of the following areas depending on the profile of the candidate:

- A first axis focuses mainly on the determinants of the individual and collective performance of health professionals on a daily basis, a key element of the success of care. The chances of recovery for patients and the risk of complications would be partly explained by variations in health professionals’ performance. For example, the links between the characteristics of professionals, the work environment and organizations, and the results on the quality and safety of care are explored. The results of care are evaluated from the point of view of the professionals and from the point of view of the patients.

- A second focus is the development and evaluation of interventions that target user engagement and adherence to health-promoting behaviours and self-management support for patients with chronic diseases. Modes of interaction linked to available technologies (telemedicine, m-health/u-health) or to human relationships (shared decision-making, patient partners, peer-aid, empowerment, self-care), or the implementation of new health professions for supporting patients throughout their health journey are examples of current research topics. The patient-professional partnership in health and in research represents one of the areas of expertise of this axis.

Reshape research projects are based on various approaches including the use of large databases (National healthcare insurance databases, SNDS, in particular), simulation, and interventional and participatory approaches. These approaches integrate quantitative and qualitative observational studies, as well as intervention studies aimed at improving the quality, safety and access to care and prevention by taking into account the patient as a whole, the healthcare professional and the environment in which they evolve.

These projects are carried out both in a simulated universe and in real life, by exploiting large local and national databases, by mobilizing mixed methods, participatory methods, behavior change theories and implementation sciences.

Reception of the researcher :

The research of the researcher applying for this chair can be conducted in one of the axes described above.

The mastery of at least one of the following methodological approaches is particularly sought after:

- Participatory approaches or mixed approaches

- Simulation approaches

- Analysis of large databases


How to apply:

Applications should be sent to Antoine Duclos ( and Anne-Marie Schott ( They must include a CV and a cover letter.

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