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The challenge of adopting a collaborative information system for independent healthcare workers in France: a comprehensive study

Gaucher L, Puill C, Baumann S, Hommey S, Touzet S, Rudigoz RC, Cortet M, Huissoud C, Gaucherand P, Dupont C, Mougeot F.

Sci Rep. 2024 May 19;14(1):11429. doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-62164-2.

PMID: 38763960

A time-adjusted control chart for monitoring surgical outcome variations.

Cordier Q, Le Thien MA, Polazzi S, Chollet F, Carty MJ, Lifante JC, Duclos A.

PLoS One. 2024 May 15;19(5):e0303543. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0303543. eCollection 2024.

PMID: 38748637

Defining practices suitable for care via teleconsultation in gynaecological and obstetrical care: a French Delphi survey

Rousseau A, Baumann S, Constant J, Deplace S, Multon O, Lenoir-Delpierre L, Gaucher L.

BMJ Open. 2024 May 7;14(5):e085621. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2024-085621.

PMID: 38719331

The use of social media after bereavement by suicide: results from a French online survey

Leaune E, Rouzé H, Lestienne L, Bislimi K, Morgiève M, Chalancon B, Lau-Taï P, Vaiva G, Grandgenèvre P, Haesebaert J, Poulet E.

BMC Psychiatry. 2024 Apr 23;24(1):306. doi: 10.1186/s12888-024-05761-9.

PMID: 38654345

Assessment of health literacy in a French emergency department

Marie P, Romain-Scelle N, Potinet V, Schott AM, Douplat M.

B38649979 MC Health Serv Res. 2024 Apr 22;24(1):493. doi: 10.1186/s12913-024-11003-1.

PMID: 38649979

Clinical impact of an individualised clinical pharmacy programme into the memory care pathway of older people: an observational study

Novais T, Reallon E, Martin J, Barral M, Krolak-Salmon P, Coste MH, Zenagui H, Garnier-Crussard A, Hoegy D, Mouchoux C.

Int J Clin Pharm. 2024 Apr 20. doi: 10.1007/s11096-024-01723-z. Online ahead of print.

PMID: 38642248

French national survey on breast cancer care: caregiver and patient views

Rousset-Jablonski C, Lortal B, Lantheaume S, Arnould L, Simon H, Tuszynski AS, Courtier M, Debbah S, Lefrançois M, Balbin S, Kably AS, Toledano A.

Breast Cancer. 2024 Apr 18. doi: 10.1007/s12282-024-01576-4. Online ahead of print.

PMID: 38635135

Impact of delayed mobile medical team dispatch for respiratory distress calls: a propensity score matched study from a French emergency communication center

Charrin L, Romain-Scelle N, Di-Filippo C, Mercier E, Balen F, Tazarourte K, Benhamed A.

Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2024 Apr 12;32(1):27. doi: 10.1186/s13049-024-01201-5.

PMID: 38609957

Weak Correlation Between Perceived and Measured Intensive Care Unit Nursing Workload: An Observational Study.

Wallet F, Bonnet A, Thiriaud V, Caillet A, Piriou V, Vacheron CH, Friggeri A, Dziadzko M.

J Nurs Care Qual. 2024 Jul-Sep 01;39(3):E39-E45. doi: 10.1097/NCQ.0000000000000774. Epub 2024 May 3.

PMID: 38780353

Implementation of lung ultrasonography by general practitioners for lower respiratory tract infections: a feasibility study

Amiot F, Delomas T, Laborne FX, Ecolivet T, Macrez R, Benhamed A.

Scand J Prim Health Care. 2024 May 20:1-8. doi: 10.1080/02813432.2024.2343678.

PMID: 38767949

Compliance with the pregnancy prevention program among women initiating isotretinoin treatment between 2014 and 2021: A nationwide cohort study on the French Health Data System (SNDS).

Havet A, Bouvard C, Moskal A, Chanelière M, Massardier J, Lebrun-Vignes B, Jonville-Bera AP, Payet C, Viprey M.

J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2024 May 19. doi: 10.1111/jdv.20073. Online ahead of print.

PMID: 38764351

Associations of coping and health-related behaviors with medical students' well-being and performance during objective structured clinical examination

These findings emphasize the need to promote physical activity and good sleep hygiene at universities, and support the development of stress managing programs focusing on positive thinking for medical students. Our results highlight the importance of identifying and helping students who engage in avoidance behaviors.

Barret N, Guillaumée T, Rimmelé T, Cortet M, Mazza S, Duclos A, Rode G, Lilot M, Schlatter S.
Sci Rep. 2024 May 17;14(1):11298. doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-61800-1.

PMID: 38760478

The Potential Role of Wearable Inertial Sensors in Laboring Women with Walking Epidural Analgesia

Dziadzko M, Péneaud A, Bouvet L, Robert T, Fradet L, Desseauve D.

Sensors (Basel). 2024 Mar 16;24(6):1904.  doi: 10.3390/s24061904.

PMID: 38544167

Comparison of mortality and outcomes of four respiratory viruses in the intensive care unit: a multicenter retrospective study

Grangier B, Vacheron CH, De Marignan D, Casalegno JS, Couray-Targe S, Bestion A, Ader F, Richard JC, Frobert E, Argaud L, Rimmele T, Lukaszewicz AC, Aubrun F, Dailler F, Fellahi JL, Bohe J, Piriou V, Allaouchiche B, Friggeri A, Wallet F; Lyon Sud COVID-19 ICU.

Sci Rep. 2024 Mar 20;14(1):6690. doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-55378-x.

PMID: 38509095

Motivational interviewing to support medication adherence in older patients: Barriers and facilitators for implementing in hospital setting according to healthcare professionals

Temedda MN, Haesebaert J, Viprey M, Schott AM, Dima AL, Papus M, Schneider MP, Novais T.

Patient Educ Couns. 2024 Mar 15;124:108253. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2024.108253.

PMID: 38507931

Health care resource utilization preceding death or lung transplantation in people with cystic fibrosis: HCRU before transplant or death in cystic fibrosis

Guyot E, Reynaud Q, Belhassen M, Bérard M, Dehillotte C, Lemonnier L, Viprey M, Van Ganse E, Burgel PR, Durieu I.

J Cyst Fibros. 2024 Mar 12:S1569-1993(24)00031-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jcf.2024.03.001.

PMID: 38480112 

Severe pain management in the emergency department: patient pathway as a new factor associated with IV morphine prescription

Lvovschi VE, Carrouel F, Hermann K, Lapostolle F, Joly LM, Tavolacci MP.

Front Public Health. 2024 Feb 22;12:1352833. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2024.1352833. eCollection 2024.

PMID: 38454991 

Enhancing perioperative care through decontextualized simulation: A game-changer for non-technical skills training

Abraham P, Dubois N, Rimmelé T, Lilot M, Balança B.

J Clin Anesth. 2024 Jun;94:111428. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinane.2024.111428. Epub 2024 Feb 28.

PMID: 38422954 

BRCA1/2 alterations and reversion mutations in the area of PARP inhibitors in high grade ovarian cancer: state of the art and forthcoming challenges

Collet L, Hanvic B, Turinetto M, Treilleux I, Chopin N, Le Saux O, Ray-Coquard I.

Front Oncol. 2024 Mar 13;14:1354427. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2024.1354427. eCollection 2024.

PMID: 38544832 

Implementing indicators and trajectories of return to work after breast cancer diagnosis: a mixed-methods study using the French National Healthcare Insurance Database and stakeholder consultation

Varnier R, Moskal A, Bodelet C, Péron J, Lamort-Bouché M, Fassier JB, Dima AL, Viprey M.


Association of Personality Traits With the Efficacy of Stress Management Interventions for Medical Students Taking Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.

Le Saux O, Canada B, Debarnot U, Haouhache NEH, Lehot JJ, Binay M, Cortet M, Rimmelé T, Duclos A, Rode G, Lilot M, Schlatter S.
Acad Med. 2024 Mar 25.
PMID: 38534105

What are the available online resources targeting psychosocial burden among stroke survivors and their informal caregivers: A scoping review

Delvallée M, Garreau R, Termoz A, Ploteau PM, Derex L, Schott AM, Haesebaert J.

Digit Health. 2024 Mar 21 - PMID: 38515613

Cost-effectiveness of the ONCORAL multidisciplinary programme for the management of outpatients taking oral anticancer agents at risk of drug-related event: protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled study

Cost-effectiveness of the ONCORAL multidisciplinary programme for the management of outpatients taking oral anticancer agents at risk of drug-related event: protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled study. 

Huot L, Guerre P, Descotes G, Caffin AG, Herledan C, Ranchon F, Rioufol C. 

BMJ Open. 2024 Feb 17;14(2):e074956. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-074956. 

PMID: 38367968 

Length of Stay Prediction With Standardized Hospital Data From Acute and Emergency Care Using a Deep Neural Network.

Lequertier V, Wang T, Fondrevelle J, Augusto V, Polazzi S, Duclos A. 

Med Care. 2024 Feb 12. doi: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001975. Online ahead of print. 

PMID: 38345863

Impact of the presence of a mediator on patient violent or uncivil behaviours in emergency departments: a cluster randomised crossover trial.

Touzet S, Buchet-Poyau K, Denis A, Occelli P, Jacquin L, Potinet V, Sigal A, Delaroche-Gaudin M, Fayard-Gonon F, Tazarourte K, Douplat M. 

Eur J Emerg Med. 2024 Feb 7.

PMID: 38329117 

Pragmatic trials are needed to assess the effectiveness of enhanced recovery after surgery protocols on patient safety.

Duclos A. 

BMJ Qual Saf. 2024 Mar 1:bmjqs-2023-016966.
doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2023-016966.

PMID: 38429103

Excess mortality among non-COVID-19 surgical patients attributable to the exposure of French intensive and intermediate care units to the pandemic

Duclos A, Cordier Q, Polazzi S, Colin C, Rimmelé T, Lifante JC, Carty MJ, Boyer L.

Intensive Care Med. 2023 Mar;49(3):313-323.
doi: 10.1007/s00134-023-07000-3. Epub 2023 Feb 25.
PMID: 36840798

Operating room organization and surgical performance: a systematic review

Operating room organization and surgical performance: a systematic review

Pasquer A, Ducarroz S, Lifante JC, Skinner S, Poncet G, Duclos A.

Patient Saf Surg. 2024 Jan 29;18(1):5. doi: 10.1186/s13037-023-00388-3.

PMID: 38287316

Updated progression-free survival and final overall survival with maintenance olaparib plus bevacizumab according to clinical risk in patients with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer in the phase III PAOLA-1/ENGOT-ov25 trial-copy

Updated progression-free survival and final overall survival with maintenance olaparib plus bevacizumab according to clinical risk in patients with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer in the phase III PAOLA-1/ENGOT-ov25 trial.

Lorusso D, Mouret-Reynier MA, Harter P, Cropet C, Caballero C, Wolfrum-Ristau P, Satoh T, Vergote I, Parma G, Nøttrup TJ, Lebreton C, Fasching PA, Pisano C, Manso L, Bourgeois H, Runnebaum I, Zamagni C, Hardy-Bessard AC, Schnelzer A, Fabbro M, Schmalfeldt B, Berton D, Belau A, Lotz JP, Gropp-Meier M, Gladieff L, Lück HJ, Abadie-Lacourtoisie S, Pujade-Lauraine E, Ray-Coquard

I.Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2023 Dec 21:ijgc-2023-004995. doi: 10.1136/ijgc-2023-004995.

PMID: 38129136

Toward an Interdisciplinary Approach to Constructing Care Delivery Pathways From Electronic Health Care Databases to Support Integrated Care in Chronic Conditions: Systematic Review of Quantification and Visualization Methods

Toward an Interdisciplinary Approach to Constructing Care Delivery Pathways From Electronic Health Care Databases to Support Integrated Care in Chronic Conditions: Systematic Review of Quantification and Visualization Methods.

Siqueira do Prado L, Allemann S, Viprey M, Schott AM, Dediu D, Dima AL.

J Med Internet Res. 2023 Dec 14;25:e49996.

doi: 10.2196/49996.PMID: 38096009

Combining the Hospital Frailty Risk Score With the Charlson and Elixhauser Multimorbidity Indices to Identify Older Patients at Risk of Poor Outcomes in Acute Care.

Combining the Hospital Frailty Risk Score With the Charlson and Elixhauser Multimorbidity Indices to Identify Older Patients at Risk of Poor Outcomes in Acute Care.

Gilbert T, Cordier Q, Polazzi S, Street A, Conroy S, Duclos A.

Med Care. 2024 Feb 1;62(2):117-124.

PMID: 38079225 

Livre : Apprendre, de la synapse à la classe

Livre :Apprendre, de la synapse à la classe. Méthodes et innovations. Jean-Jacques Lehot, Marc Lilot

Patterns and determinants of cannabis use in youth visiting an urban emergency department in France

Touali R, Chappuy M, De Ternay J, Berger-Vergiat A, Haesebaert J, Tazarourte K, Michel P, Rolland B.
J Addict Dis. 2023 Dec 4:1-9. doi: 10.1080/10550887.2023.2279474. Online ahead of print.

Etiological Diagnosis of Uveitis: Contribution of the of the Extra-Ophthalmological Clinical Examination

Jacquot R, Jamilloux Y, Bert A, Gerfaud-Valentin M, Richard-Colmant G, Kodjikian L, Sève P.

Ocul Immunol Inflamm. 2023 Nov 10:1-12.

Two-stage multi-objective optimization for ICU bed allocation under multiple sources of uncertainty

Fang Wan, Julien Fondrevelle, Tao Wang, Antoine Duclos

Scientific Reports – Novembre 2023

Extra respiratory comorbidities in adult patients with cystic fibrosis

M Antoine, M Perceval, R Nove-Josserand, I Durieu, Q Reynaud

European Journal of Internal Medecine – Novembre 2023

The promise of combining CDK4/6 inhibition with hormonal therapy in the first-line treatment setting for metastatic or recurrent endometrial adenocarcinoma

Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Bradley J Monk, Domenica Lorusso, Haider Mahdi, Vivek Upadhyay, Regina Graul, Amreen Husain, Mansoor Raza Mirza, Brian Slomovitz

BMJ International Journal of Gynecological Cancer – Octobre 2023

What do mothers think about their antenatal classes? A mixed-method study in Switzerland

Valérie Avignon, Laurent Gaucher, David Baud, Hélène Legardeur, Corinne Dupont, Antje Horsch

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth – Octobre 2023

Factors perceived by health professionals to be barriers or facilitators to caries prevention in children: a systematic review

Guillemette Lienhart, Masson Elsa, Pierre Farge, Anne-Marie Schott, Beatrice Thivichon-Prince, Marc Chanelière

Oral Health – Octobre 2023

Influence of the embedded participant on learners' performance during high-fidelity simulation sessions in healthcare

Ayça Koca, Sophie Schlatter, Quentin Delas, Lucas Denoyel, Jean-Jacques Lehot, Marc Lilot, Thomas Rimmelé

BMC Medical Education – Octobre 2023

Decision-making process of withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatments in French emergency departments during COVID-19 outbreak

Severin Rambaud, Antoine Gavoille, Guillaume Economos, Karim Tazarourte, Marion Douplat

European Journal of Emergency Medecine – Octobre 2023

Trajectories of Controller Therapy Use Before and After Asthma-Related Hospitalization in Children and Adults: Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study

Manon Belhassen, Maeva Nolin, Flore Jacoud, Claire Marant Micallef, Eric Van Ganse

JMIR Public Health and Surveillance – Septembre 2023

Ethical issues encountered by French intensive care unit caregivers during the first COVID-19 outbreak

Corentin Therond, Bérengère Saliba-Serre, Pierre Le Coz, Béatrice Eon, Fabrice Michel, Vincent Piriou, Antoine Lamblin, Marion Douplat

Canadian Journal of Anesthesia – Septembre 2023

Using patient comments from a standardised experience survey to investigate their perceptions and prioritise improvement actions: a thematic and syntactic analysis

Marion Crubezy, Céline Douay, Philippe Michel, Julie Haesebaert

BMC Health Services Research – Septembre 2023

Risk factors and mortality associated with undertriage after major trauma in a physician-led prehospital system: a retrospective multicentre cohort study

Axel Benhamed, Laurie Fraticelli, Clément Claustre, Amaury Gossiome, Eric Cesareo, Matthieu Heidet, Marcel Emond, Eric Mercier, Valérie Boucher, Jean-Stéphane David, Carlos El Khoury, Karim Tazarourte

European Journal of Trauma Emergency Surgery – Août 2023

Perception des freins et facilitateurs de la continuité des soins délivrés aux migrants précaires en médecine générale

Adélie Romey, Marianne Vaysse, Clémence Jouault, Laurent Letrilliart

Sante Publique – Août 2023

Economic analysis of surgical outcome monitoring using control charts: the SHEWHART cluster randomised trial

Sarah Skinner, Léa Pascal, Stéphanie Polazzi, François Chollet, Jean-Christophe Lifante, Antoine Duclos; SHEWHART Trial Group

BMJ Quality & Safety – Août 2023

Medical assistance in dying law: a qualitative study of French cancer physicians

Mathilde Chastenet, Olivier Renard, Pierre-Antoine Laurain, Myriam Bonnot, Gisèle Chvetzoff

BMJ  Supportive & Palliative Care – Août 2023 

The impact of shift work on pain recognition, a robust ability among intensive care nurses

Laura Schmidt, Sara Zabelberg, Sophie Schlatter, Inga Adams, Marion Douplat, Caroline Perchet, Marc Lilot, Amandine Eve Rey, Stéphanie Mazza

European Journal of Pain – Juillet 2023

Determinants of Care Pathways for C-PTSD Patients in French Psychotrauma Centers: A Qualitative Study

Germain Salome, Philippe Vignaud, Perrine Galia, Nathalie Prieto, Nicolas Chauliac

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Recurrence after Surgery for Primary Hyperparathyroidism in 517 Patients with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1. An AFCE and GTE study

Nicolas Santucci, Elea Ksiazek, François Pattou, Gregory Baud, Eric Mirallié, Samuel Frey, Christophe Trésallet, Frédéric Sébag, Carole Guérin, Muriel Mathonnet, Niki Christou, Gianluca Donatini, Laurent Brunaud, Sébastien Gaujoux, Fabrice Ménégaux, Haythem Najah, Christine Binquet, Pierre Goudet, Jean-Christophe Lifante

Annals of Surgery – Juin 2023

Avancées thérapeutiques dans la prise en charge des tumeurs rares malignes ovariennes

Coriolan Lebreton, Stanislas Quesada, Marta Bini, Guillaume Babin, Léa Rossi, Nicolas Chopin, Sabrina Croce, Cécile Hartog, Tiphaine Renaud, Anne-Lise Gaillard, Adeline Petit, Anne-Agathe Serre, Olivier Trédan, Elise Rowinski, Vincent Cockenpot, Isabelle Treilleux, Christine Rousset-Jablonski, Pierre Méeus, Frédéric Guyon, Isabelle Ray-Coquard

Bulletin du Cancer – Juin 2023

Prevalence of Positive QuantiFERON-TB Test among Sarcoid Uveitis Patients and its Clinical Implications in a Country Non-endemic for Tuberculosis

Etienne Garneret, Yvan Jamilloux, Mathieu Gerfaud-Valentin, Laurent Kodjikian, Salim Trad, Pascal Sève

Ocular Immunology Inflammation – Juillet 2023

Value of Chest X-Ray and Chest Computed Tomography for Systemic Sarcoidosis Diagnosis in Undifferentiated Uveitis

Caroline Borciuch, Thomas El-Jammal, Laurent Kodjikian, Loïc Boussel, Nicolas Romain-Scelle, Mikail Nourredine, Mathieu Gerfaud-Valentin, Pascal Sève

Ocular Immunology Inflammation

Chronic pain characteristics in COVID-19 survivors after an ICU stay. A cross-sectional study

Valéria Martinez, Mikhail Dziadzko, Juan Tamayo, Sébastien Schitter, Leah Guichard, Florine Richeux, Stephanie Roggerone, Patricia Branche, Leo Schlaefflin, Youri Nacto, Tiago Antunes, Isabelle Negre, Djillali Annane, Frederic Aubrun

Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medecine – Juin 2023

Outcome of patients with cystic fibrosis colonized by Scedosporium and Lomentospora species: A longitudinal cohort study

Perrine Parize, Maxime Fleur, Stéphanie Poupon-Bourdy, Florence Persat, Sandrine Touzet, Anne-Lise Bienvenu, Martine Wallon, Philippe Reix, Jean-Philippe Bouchara, Isabelle Durieu

Medical Mycology – Juin 2023

PARP inhibitors (PARPi) prolongation after local therapy for oligo-metastatic progression in relapsed ovarian cancer patients

Thibault Gauduchon, Maria Kfoury, Domenica Lorusso, Anne Floquet, Jole Ventriglia, Hélène Salaun, Malak Moubarak, Romain Rivoirard, Laura Polastro, Laure Favier, Benoit You, Dominique Berton, Thibault de la Motte Rouge, Laura Mansi, Cyril Abdeddaim, Karine Prulhiere, Laurence Lancry Lecomte, Magali Provansal, Cécile Dalban, Isabelle Ray-Coquard

Multicenter Study  Gynecologic Oncology – Juin 2023

Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for cardiogenic shock after acute myocardial infarction: Insights from a French nationwide database

Matteo Pozzi, Cécile Payet, Stephanie Polazzi, Aubane L'Hospital, Jean Francois Obadia, Antoine Duclos

Observational Study International Journal of Cardiology – Mai 2023

Frequency and determinants of technical procedures in French general practice : a cross-sectional study

Victor Pointis, Henri Panjo, Anne-Marie Schott, Laurent Letrilliart

Rural Remote Health – Mai 2023

Impact of the 2015 European guidelines for resuscitation on traumatic cardiac arrest outcomes and prehospital management: A French nationwide interrupted time-series analysis

Axel Benhamed, Eric Mercier, Julie Freyssenge, Mathieu Heidet, Tobias Gauss, Valentine Canon, Clement Claustre, Karim Tazarourte; RéAC investigator

Resuscitation – Mai 2023

Continued Performance Improvement-What Practicing Surgeons Can Learn From Athletes

Sarah Skinner, Antoine Duclos

JAMA Surgery – Mai 2023

Parental experience of parent-mediated intervention for children with ASD: A systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis

Lucie Jurek, Kathy Leadbitter, Bruno Falissard, Cyrille Colin, Sandrine Touzet, Marie-Maude Geoffray

Autism – Avril 2023

Médicaments potentiellement inappropriés et charge anticholinergique et sédative chez les patients âgés ambulatoires atteints de maladie rénale chronique avancée

Maryline Jaffuel, Frederic Gervais, Julien Vernaudon, Marie-Anne Cerfon, Pierre Krolak-Salmon, Christelle Mouchoux, Teddy Novais

Néphrologie et Thérapeutique – Avril 2023

Learning motivational interviewing to better support patient medication adherence

Teddy Novais, Cristiana Fortini, Alexandra L. Dima, Pre Anne-Marie Schott, Marie Viprey, Marie-Paule Schneider

Revue Médicale Suisse – Avril 2023

Safety and efficacy of prophylactic levetiracetam for prevention of epileptic seizures in the acute phase of intracerebral haemorrhage (PEACH)

Laure Peter-Derex, Frédéric Philippeau, Pierre Garnier, Nathalie André-Obadia, Sébastien Boulogne, Hélène Catenoix, Philippe Convers, Laure Mazzola, Michel Gouttard, Maud Esteban, Julia Fontaine, Laura Mechtouff, Elodie Ong, Tae-Hee Cho, Norbert Nighoghossian, Nathalie Perreton, Anne Termoz, Julie Haesebaert, Anne-Marie Schott, Muriel Rabilloud, Christine Pivot, Carole Dhelens, Andrea Filip, Yves Berthezène, Sylvain Rheims, Florent Boutitie, Laurent Derex

The Lancet Neurology – Septembre 2022

Disrespect during childbirth and postpartum mental health: a French cohort study

Emma Leavy, Marion Cortet, Cyril Huissoud, Thomas Desplanches, Jessica Sormani, Sylvie Viaux-Savelon, Corinne Dupont, Swann Pichon, Laurent Gaucher

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth – Avril 2023

Individual and environmental determinants associated with longer times to access pediatric rheumatology centers for patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a JIR cohort study

Aurélie Chausset, Céline Lambert, Alexandre Belot, Etienne Merlin, Elvira Cannizzaro, Isabelle Kone-Paut, Claire Ballot, Valérie Devauchelle, Sylvaine Poignant, Raffaella Carlomagno, Anne Lohse, Catherine Barbier, Véronique Despert, Aurélia Carbasse, Laetitia Sparsa, Eva Adank, Federica Vanoni, Héloise Reumaux, Pascal Pillet, Daniela Kaiser, Michael Hofer, Caroline Freychet, Anne-Marie Schott

Pediatric Rheumatology – Mars 2023

Barrier measures implemented in French maternity hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional survey

A Rousseau, M Dubel-Jam, C Schantz, L Gaucher

Midewifery - Mars 2023

Control Charts Usage for Monitoring Performance in Surgery: A Systematic Review

My-Anh Le Thien, Quentin Cordier, Jean-Christophe Lifante, Matthew J Carty, Antoine Duclos

Journal of Patient Safety – Mars 2023

A conceptual framework to develop a patient-reported experience questionnaire on the cystic fibrosis journey in France: the ExPaParM collaborative study

D Pougheon Bertrand, A Fanchini, P Lombrail, G Rault, A Chansard, N Le Breton, C Frenod, F Milon, C Heymes Royer, D Segretain, M Silber, S Therouanne, J Haesebaert, C Llerena, P Michel, Q Reynaud

Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases – Février 2023

Evaluation of a training program for emergency medical service physician dispatchers to reduce emergency departments visits

Amandine Foucaud, Thomas Gilbert, Adélaïde Vincent, Nathalie Jomard, Brigitte Comte, Sylvie Porthault, Gaële Comte, Odile Theurey, Pierre-Yves Gueugniaud, Laura Bourelly, Muriel Rabilloud, Florent Boutitie, Marion Douplat, Ouazna Tassa, Julie Haesebaert, Anne Termoz, Anne-Marie Schott

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society – Février 2023

Evaluation of Midwives' Practises on Herpetic Infections during Pregnancy: A French Vignette-Based Study

Adrian Mrozik, Yann Sellier, Déborah Lemaitre, Laurent Gaucher

Healthcare (Basel) – Janvier 2023

Accuracy of a Prehospital Triage Protocol in Predicting In-Hospital Mortality and Severe Trauma Cases among Older Adults

Axel Benhamed, Marcel Emond, Eric Mercier, Matthieu Heidet, Tobias Gauss, Pierre Saint-Supery, Krishan Yadav, Jean-Stéphane David, Clement Claustre, Karim Tazarourte

Inernational Journal of Environmental Resarch and Public Health – Janvier 2023

Use of a Digital Cognitive Aid Improves Memorization of Military Caregivers After High-Fidelity Simulations of Combat Casualty Care

Andrei-Petru Paraschiv, Baptiste Balança, Marc Lilot, Luc Aigle, Jean-Jacques Lehot, Jean-Christophe Cejka

Randomized Controlled Trial Military Medecine – Janvier 2023

Barriers and Facilitators to the Use of Clinical Decision Support Systems in Primary Care: A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review

Pierre-Yves Meunier, Camille Raynaud, Emmanuelle Guimaraes, François Gueyffier, Laurent Letrilliart

Annals of Family Medicine – Janvier 2023

Emergency calls concerning older patients : Are the appropriate questions asked ?

Nathalie Jomard, Adélaïde Vincent, Rita Chammem, Thomas Gilbert, Heloïse Rouze, Brigitte Comte, Julie Haesebaert, Anne-Marie Schott

Geriatrics Gerontolology International – Janvier 2023

Rehabilitation professionals' views on individual peer support interventions for assisting stroke survivors with reintegration into the community: a qualitative study

Purpose: We aimed to explore stroke rehabilitation professionals' understanding and representations of peer support; the benefits they anticipated for patients; and the levers and barriers they perceived to implement the intervention in their practice.

Impact of early palliative care on additional line of chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer patients: results from the randomized study OSS

Chvetzoff G, Bouleuc C, Lardy-Cléaud A, Saltel P, Dieras V, Morelle M, Guastalla JP, Tredan O, Rebattu P, Pop S, Ray-Coquard I, Pierga JY, Mignot L, Laurence V, Bourne-Branchu V, Pérol D,...

Efficacy and safety of maintenance olaparib and bevacizumab in ovarian cancer patients aged ≥65 years from the PAOLA-1/ENGOT-ov25 trial

Sabatier R, Rousseau F, Joly F, Cropet C, Montégut C, Frindte J, Cinieri S, Guerra Alía EM, Polterauer S, Yoshida H, Vergote I, Colombo N, Hietanen S, Largillier R, Canzler U, Gratet A, Marmé...

Association between location of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, on-scene socioeconomic status, and accessibility to public automated defibrillators in two large metropolitan areas in Canada and France

Heidet M, Freyssenge J, Claustre C, Deakin J, Helmer J, Thomas-Lamotte B, Wohl M, Danny Liang L, Hubert H, Baert V, Vilhelm C, Fraticelli L, Mermet É, Benhamed A, Revaux F, Lecarpentier É,...

Nurse-to-Nurse Familiarity and Mortality in the Critically Ill. A Multicenter Observational Study

Duclos A, Payet C, Baboi L, Allaouchiche B, Argaud L, Aubrun F, Bohé J, Dailler F, Fellahi JL, Lehot JJ, Piriou V, Rimmelé T, Terragrossa D, Polazzi S, Guérin C.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2022...

Comparative non-persistence in the first year of treatment with oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation: A French comprehensive nationwide study

Danchin N, Steg G, Mahé I, Hanon O, Jacoud F, Nolin M, Dalon F, Cotte FE, Gollety S, Van Ganse E, Belhassen M

Arch Cardiovasc Dis. 2022 Sep. Online ahead of print. 


Background: Direct...

The Needs, Use and Expectations of People Bereaved by Suicide Regarding Online Resources: An Online Survey

Leaune E, Rouzé H, Lestienne L, Bislimi K, Chalancon B, Morgiève M, Grandgenèvre P, Vaiva G, Laplace N, Poulet E, Haesebaert J.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Sep. 


Pregnancy, Mental Well-Being and Lockdown: A Nationwide Online Survey in France

Gaucher L, Barasinski C, Dupont C, Razurel C, Pichon S, Leavy E, Viaux-Savelon S, Cortet M, Franck N, Haesebaert F, Haesebaert J.

Healthcare (Basel). 2022 Sep

Abstract:The objective of this study...

Barriers and Facilitators to Participation in Health Screening: an Umbrella Review Across Conditions

Le Bonniec A, Sun S, Andrin A, Dima AL, Letrilliart L.

Prevention science June 2022 Epub ahead of print


Screening is an essential prevention practice for a number of health conditions....

Factors associated with post-stroke social participation: a quantitative study based on the ICF framework

Della Vecchia C, Préau M, Haesebaert J, Viprey M, Rode G, Termoz A, Dima A, Schott AM

Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine/ June 2022 Online ahead of print.



Potentially inappropriate medications and anticholinergic and sedative burden in older patients with haemophilia or von Willebrand disease: The M'HEMORRH-AGE study

Novais T, Prudent C, Cransac A, Gervais F, Mouchoux C, Gigan M, Cahoreau V, Jouglen J, Chamouard V

Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics / June 2022


What is known and...

Prehospital trauma flowcharts - Concise and visual cognitive aids for prehospital trauma management from the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU) and the French Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (SFAR)

Tazarourte K, Ageron FX, Avondo A, Barnard E, Bobbia X, Cesareo E, Chollet- Xemard C, Curac S, Desmettre T, Khoury CEL, Gauss T, Gil-Jardine C, Harris T,

Heidet M, Lapostolle F, Pradeau C, Renard...

Impact of COVID-19 on chronic pain structures: data from French national survey

Melchior M, Dziadzko M, Conradi S, Poisbeau P, Aubrun F

Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research / June 2022


Aims: The authors evaluated the impact of the first COVID-19 pandemic...

Minimum evidence-based care in intrauterine growth-restricted fetuses and neonatal prognosis

Atallah A, Butin M, Moret S, Claris O, Massoud M, Gaucherand P, Doret-Dion M.

Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics  / May 2022


Background: Introduction: There is clear evidence that...

Diagnostic value of lumbar puncture for the etiological assessment of uveitis: a retrospective cohort of 188 patients

Bernier R, Gavoille A, Chirpaz N, Jamilloux Y, Kodjikian L, Mathis T, Sève P.

Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology / May 2022


Aim: To assess the relevance of...

Methodological considerations on estimating medication adherence from self-report, electronic monitoring and electronic healthcare databases using the TEOS framework

Dima AL, Allemann SS, Dunbar-Jacob J, Hughes DA, Vrijens B, Wilson IB

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology / May 2022


Aims: Measuring adherence to medication is complex due to the...

Co-design and evaluation of a patient-centred transition programme for stroke patients, combining case management and access to an internet information platform: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial - NAVISTROKE

Termoz A, Delvallée M, Damiolini E, Marchal M, Preau M, Huchon L, Mazza S, Habchi O, Bravant E, Derex L, Nighoghossian N, Cakmak S, Rabilloud M, Denis A, Schott AM, Haesebaert J

BMC Health...

Developing a medication adherence technologies repository: proposed structure and protocol for an online real-time Delphi study

Nabergoj Makovec U, Goetzinger C, Ribaut J, Barnestein-Fonseca P, Haupenthal F, Herdeiro MT, Grant SP, Jácome C, Roque F, Smits D, Tadic I, Dima AL

BMJ Open / April 2022


Reasons for acceptance and refusal of early palliative care in patients included in early-phase clinical trials in a regional comprehensive cancer centre in France: protocol for a qualitative study

Chvetzoff G, Girodet M, Despax J, Baudry V, Duranti J, Mastroianni B, Vanacker H, Vinceneux A, Brahmi M, Renard O, Gautier J, Britel M, Ducimetière F,

Anota A, Cassier P, Christophe V

BMJ Open /...

Using the Brief Health Literacy Screen in Chronic Care in French Hospital Settings: Content Validity of Patient and Healthcare Professional Reports

Adèle Perrin, Luiza Siqueira do Prado, Amélie Duché, Anne-Marie Schott, Alexandra L. Dima and Julie Haesebaert.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health / December...

Prevalence of low health literacy levels in decompensated heart failure compared with acute myocardial infarction patients

Adèle Perrin, Gergis Abdalla, Marie Viprey, François Delahaye, Nathan Mewton, Michel Ovize, Laurent Sebbag, Thomas Bochaton, Alexandra L. Dima, Estelle Bravant, Anne-Marie Schott, Julie...

Effect of monitoring surgical outcomes using control charts to reduce major adverse events in patients: cluster randomised trial

Antoine Duclos, François Chollet, Léa Pascal, Hector Ormando, Matthew J Carty, Stéphanie Polazzi, Jean-Christophe Lifante, SHEWHART Trial Group.

BMJ / November 2020


Objective: To...

Standardized healthcare pathway in intrauterine growth restriction and minimum evidence-based care

Atallah A, Butin M, Moret S, Claris O, Massoud M, Gaucherand P, Doret-Dion M. 

Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics and Human Reproduction / January 2021


Introduction: Fetal growth...

Organizational aspects of care associated with mortality in critically ill COVID-19 patients

Thomas Rimmelé, Léa Pascal, Stéphanie Polazzi, Antoine Duclos.

Intensive Care Medicine / January 2021

No abstract available.

See publication

Beyond the map: evidencing the spatial dimension of health inequalities

Yohan Fayet, Delphine Praud, Béatrice Fervers, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Jean-Yves Blay, Françoise Ducimetiere, Guy Fagherazzi and Elodie Faure.

International Journal of Health Geographics /...

High-dimensional propensity scores improved the control of indication bias in surgical comparative effectiveness studies

Cécile Payet, Stéphanie Polazzi, Jean-François Obadia, Xavier Armoiry, José Labarère, Muriel Rabilloud, Antoine Duclos.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology / February 2021


Prehospital predictors for return of spontaneous circulation in traumatic cardiac arrest

Benhamed A, Canon V, Mercier E, Heidet M, Gossiome A, Savary D, El Khoury C, Gueugniaud PY, Hubert H, Tazarourte K

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery / March 2022


Analyzing the Difficulties of Continuing Physical Activity during the COVID-19 Crisis in France

Dumoulin C, Havet N, Lesueur JY.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health / March 2022


Physical activity (PA) and limiting sedentary behavior have been...

Implementation of an in situ simulation-based training adapted from Morbidity and Mortality conference cases: effect on the occurrence of adverse events-study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

Michel N, Bui-Xuan B, Bapteste L, Rimmele T, Lilot M, Chollet F, Favre H, Duclos A, Michel P

Trials / February 2022


Background: Morbidity and Mortality conference provides the necessary...

Temporal trends in reperfusion therapy for patients with acute ischemic stroke

El Khoury C, Aboa-Eboule C, Fraticelli L, Claustre C, Bischoff M, Blanc- Lasserre K, Buisson M, Cakmak S, Cho TH, Ferroud-Plattet B, Guerrier O,

Philippeau F, Serre P, Mechtouff L, Nighoghossian...

Is it possible to improve prediction of outcome and blood requirements in the severely injured patients by defining categories of coagulopathy ?

David JS, Friggeri A, Vacheron CH, Bouzat P, Fraticelli L, Claustre C, Maegele M, Inaba K

European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery / February 2022


Purpose: It has been suggested...

Temporal trends in healthcare resource use and associated costs of patients with cystic fibrosis

Durieu I, Dalon F, Reynaud Q, Lemonnier L, Dehillotte C, Bérard M, Walther D, Viprey M, Van Ganse E, Belhassen M

Journal of Cystic Fibrosis / January 2022


Background: Better insights...

Mortality Among Noncoronavirus Disease 2019 Critically Ill Patients Attributable to the Pandemic in France

Payet C, Polazzi S, Rimmelé T, Duclos A

Critical care medicine / January 2022


Objectives: We investigated whether the risk of death among noncoronavirus disease 2019 critically ill...

External validation of the Hospital Frailty Risk Score in France

Gilbert T, Cordier Q, Polazzi S, Bonnefoy M, Keeble E, Street A, Conroy S, Duclos A.

Age Ageing / January 2022


Background: The Hospital Frailty Risk Score (HFRS) has made it possible...

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