What are the available online resources targeting psychosocial burden among stro

What are the available online resources targeting psychosocial burden among stroke survivors and their informal caregivers: A scoping review


Delvallée M, Garreau R, Termoz A, Ploteau PM, Derex L, Schott AM, Haesebaert J.

Digit Health. 2024 Mar 21

PMID: 38515613

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Background: After discharge home, stroke survivors and their informal caregivers face a significant lack of support and information which accentuates their psychosocial burden. Online resources might provide this support and address psychosocial needs, but existing online stroke programmes mainly target functional rehabilitation. We aimed to map the existing literature on online resources that have been evaluated in stroke rehabilitation and aimed at reducing psychosocial impact in stroke survivors and informal caregivers.

Methods: MEDLINE was searched (2010-2024) to identify studies investigating online resources targeting psychosocial health. Studies were selected and extracted independently by two reviewers. We described the content, use, and psychosocial impact of these interventions using a narrative approach.

Results: Eleven studies were included in the review, reporting 10 online resources (two studies relating to the same resource). Online resources were heterogeneous: eight information/resources websites, one mobile app, and one forum. Five online resources were dedicated to stroke survivors, four to stroke survivors and their informal caregivers, and one to informal caregivers. Two randomized controlled trials reported a significant decrease in depressive symptoms associated with the use of online resources. Stroke survivors and informal caregivers find online resources useful and acceptable to address their psychosocial needs.

Conclusions: Few online stroke resources have been designed and evaluated to support post-stroke psychosocial rehabilitation. Further larger-scale research needs to study the impact of these interventions on psychosocial recovery over time.
Keywords: Stroke; caregivers; depressive symptom; online resources; psychosocial rehabilitation; recovery.

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