Determinants of Care Pathways for C-PTSD Patients in French Psychotrauma Centers

Determinants of Care Pathways for C-PTSD Patients in French Psychotrauma Centers: A Qualitative Study

Germain Salome, Philippe Vignaud, Perrine Galia, Nathalie Prieto, Nicolas Chauliac

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Jul 2;20(13):6278. Free PMC article

In 2018, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) established a novel nosographic category within the stress-specific disorders known as complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Characterized by distinctive clinical attributes and a limited response to conventional PTSD treatments, C-PTSD has prompted the reconsideration of care methods. Our study's purpose was to explore the intricate factors shaping the care pathways for individuals suffering from C-PTSD. We used a grounded theorization technique involving professionals across a range of specialized French psychotraumatology institutions. The resulting comprehensive theoretical model offers valuable insights into the constitution mechanisms of these pathways, helping elucidate the varying care options. Interestingly, we found that differences in clinical perspectives were determined by the care provider's viewpoint on clinical guidelines, screening tools, and treatment options, but also by structural and organizational factors. The distinctive dynamics and interrelationships identified in our research reveal potential areas of focus for incorporating C-PTSD care more effectively into specialized French trauma centers. This investigation offers a path toward improved understanding and management of C-PTSD, ultimately advancing patient outcomes.


PMID: 37444125  PMCID: PMC10341220  DOI: 10.3390/ijerph20136278

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