Health care resource utilization preceding death or lung transplantation

Health care resource utilization preceding death or lung transplantation in people with cystic fibrosis: HCRU before transplant or death in cystic fibrosis

Guyot E, Reynaud Q, Belhassen M, Bérard M, Dehillotte C, Lemonnier L, Viprey M, Van Ganse E, Burgel PR, Durieu I.

J Cyst Fibros. 2024 Mar 12:S1569-1993(24)00031-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jcf.2024.03.001.

PMID: 38480112 

Background: We studied the health care resource utilization (HCRU) and associated costs in the year preceding LT in pwCF or death without LT, and we estimated the overall cost of LT.

Methods: We performed a linkage between 2006 and 2017 data from the French CF Registry (FCFR) and the French health claims database (Système National des Données de Santé; SNDS). The HCRU and associated costs were described the year before LT or before death without LT, and two years after LT.

Results: Among the 7,671 patients included in the FCFR, 6,187 patients (80.7 %) were successfully matched to patients in the SNDS (males (m): 51.9 %, mean±SD age at the end of follow-up: 24.6 ± 13.6). Overall, 166 patients died without LT (m: 47.6 %, age at death: 30.4 ± 14.5) and 767 patients with primary LT (m: 48.2 %, age at transplantation: 28.0 ± 9.1) were identified. HCRU was lower among patients who died without receiving LT, with marked differences in the cost of hospital stays. The mean total cost per patient was €66,759 ± 38,249 in the year before death, €149,374 ± 62,678 in the year preceding LT, €63,919 ± 35,399 in the first year following LT, and €42,813 ± 39,967 in the second year of follow-up.

Conclusion: Our results indicate that HCRU was two times lower in the year before death in non-transplant pwCF than in the year before LT, which may reflect inappropriate care of CF in patients who died without receiving LT. It also shows the cost associated with LT.

Keywords: Claims data; Costs; Cystic fibrosis; Healthcare resource utilization; National registry; Transplantation

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