Thesis proposal for EDISS 2023 candidate

Thesis proposal for EDISS 2023 candidate

RESHAPE is looking for a candidate to be prepared and presented to the EDISS doctoral school competition 

PROMESS Project : Preventive Remediation for Optimal MEdical StudentS 

Description of the subject
The PROMESS project aims to help medical students manage the anxiety generated by their studies. Early knowledge of stress remediation tools would allow students to quickly acquire the necessary tools for their student activities and their professional lives as future physicians. All 3rd year medical students at the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University will have the opportunity to follow a preventive and personalized remediation program based on 3 fun modules: stress management, sleep improvement and physical activity. This program will be spread over 3 months and will include a period of awareness, self-diagnosis and then tooling up. This training will be co-constructed with the students beforehand (participatory research) and then delivered by experts to all students who wish to voluntarily engage in the study. It is expected that the modules will lead to spontaneous and autonomous practice of remediation tools. Pre- and post-intervention phases will allow for a detailed evaluation of the impact of the interventions on the academic performance of the students and on their quality of life. A multi-year follow-up of the dropout and burnout rates will also be implemented. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention will be based on a multidisciplinary approach, both qualitative and quantitative. The project will be carried out in collaboration with researchers and physicians in public health and psychiatry.

Key words
Stress, sleep, physical activity, participatory research, remediation, psychophysiology

Nature of funding
Presentation of the student to the EDISS doctoral school competition ( The research project falls within the scope of themes 3 (Public health, clinical research, therapeutic and diagnostic innovation) and 4 (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) of the doctoral school.

Presentation of the institution and the host laboratory

The main laboratory of the project is the U1290 RESHAPE unit (RESearch on HealthcAre PErformance) which is a research unit in Public Health, evolving since 2021 under a double tutelage UCBL-INSERM, in partnership with the Lyon university hospitals (HCL and CLB). Reshape | Public Health Research Laboratory.
The project will also be carried out in collaboration with the Lyon site of the LIBM (Interuniversity Laboratory of Motor Biology) This laboratory associates researchers in the field of physiology, biomechanics and neurosciences applied to physical and sports activities and health. The different biological aspects of motor skills are studied in the framework of multi-scale research from the cell to the human being with clinical developments in the direction of health or performance.

PhD title
PhD in Public Health
Country of graduation : France
Institution awarding the doctorate: Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Doctoral school: Ecole Doctorale Interdisciplinaire Sciences Santé EDISS 205

Candidate profile
The candidate must have obtained his/her Master 2 (or be in the process of obtaining it) in behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology, exercise physiology, health psychology, applied biology, clinical research, or public health. The ideal candidate will have completed a research internship combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. Expertise in psychophysiological measures of stress, sleep or physical activity would be an asset. Above all, the candidate must be dynamic, motivated, particularly organized, autonomous, and enjoy human contact and teamwork. Previous experience in scientific valorization processes would be an advantage.

Application procedure
Please send your CV and cover letter to   

Your CV should include details of your research experience as well as your academic grades. In addition, a letter of recommendation would be appreciated.

Applications are due by April 5, 2023.

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