First French-speaking interprofessional training course: "SUSTAINING PATIENT ADH

First French-speaking interprofessional training course: "SUSTAINING PATIENT ADHERENCE TO TREATMENT".

This training, supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and ESPACOMP (International Society for Drug Adherence), is the result of collaboration between the RESHAPE laboratory (INSERM-UCBL U1290) and the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne.

This training course is led by research professors from Lyon: Teddy NOVAIS, pharmacist and researcher, Doctor of Public Health, and Marie Viprey, pharmacist, Doctor of Public Health. Swiss teacher-researchers are also involved: Marie SCHNEIDER, Professor of Therapeutic Adherence and Interprofessionality at the University of Geneva and Cristiana FORTINI, Psychologist at the CHUV in Lausanne and lecturer at the University of Lausanne, specialized and recognized in the development and facilitation of motivational interviewing training for health professionals.

The objective of this short interprofessional training is to allow participants to acquire the fundamental knowledge of therapeutic adherence and motivational interviewing skills. This training aims to implement a semi-structured approach to medication adherence that puts the patient at the center of the interview in order to support him/her (motivational approach).

The training is organized around 3 components:

  • Introductory webinars, 2 one-hour sessions: theoretical knowledge on adherence (behavior and determinants), adherence assessment methods;
  • Seminar/summer school, 3 days of 7 hours: basic training in motivational interviewing applied to therapeutic adherence, with the participation of patient partners for the training;
  • Follow-up webinars, 2 one-hour sessions: follow-up on the implementation of a structured personalized adherence support approach in one's professional practice (individual follow-up 1 & in pairs, discussion of the steps of the implementation of the intervention in the different health settings).

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