Reshape | Edouard LEAUNE
LEAUNE Edouard

LEAUNE Edouard

RESHAPE – Attending Psychiatrist – MD PhD Contact :


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Research on Healthcare Performance (RESHAPE), Inserm U1290

Service hospitalo-universitaire de prévention du suicide, Pôle Urgences Psychiatriques, Centre Hospitalier le Vinatier

Faculté de Médecine Lyon-Est, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research axis

- Suicide prevention and postvention

- Second victims

- Social determinants of mental health


I started to develop research projects in 2015 at the end of my residency in psychiatry, through a combined research cursus in public health and health philosophy.  I have a PhD in health philosophy and a MSc in public health. My field of interest are suicide prevention, postvention and the second victim phenomenon. My research also focuses on the social determinants of mental health regarding suicidal behaviors and psychotic symptoms.

I’m particularly interested in the implementation of mixed-method studies, including both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. My course in psychiatry, public health and health philosophy offers the opportunity to understand complex phenomenon such as suicidal behaviors, suicide bereavement, suicide prevention and social determinants of mental health which are strongly embedded in biological, clinical, anthropological and social processes.

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