IMPULSE : Impact of new healthcare organisations, public policies, and communication on the utilisation of health products - 2022

Marie Viprey


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Funder : EPI-PHARE « Future team in pharmacoepidemiology »

Project leader : Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL)

The IMPULSE team is a member of the RESHAPE U1290 Unit, and works in partnership with the Health Data Service of the Hospices Civils de Lyon. The team was awarded the EPI-PHARE "Future team in pharmacoepidemiology" starting grant, which provides four years of funding, and has been coordinated by Marie Viprey since 2022.  

This team acts as a strategic partner of EPI-PHARE by providing health authorities with transversal expertise in the epidemiology of health products (drugs, biological products, medical devices and vaccines), specifically related to measuring the impact of various actions on the use of health products, while considering different levels of analysis (patient, health professional and population). IMPULSE aims to study the impact of three different types of actions that influence patient care on the use of health products in real life:
(1) Decisions/recommendations for treatment from health authorities or learned societies
(2) Communications on health products from authorities, health professionals, manufacturers or patients relayed by the media
(3) The establishment of new care organizations.

In order to respond to important public health issues, identified in accord with EPI-PHARE, a number of studies are conducted using data from the National System of Health Data (SNDS). Original evaluation methods are developed and then applied to achieve an unbiased interpretation of impact measurements (adapted study designs, valid algorithms, statistical approaches and innovative visualization tools).

Epidemiology of health products, SNDS, use in real life, impact studies

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