European Top Surgeons Project - 2019

Antoine Duclos - Jean Christophe Lifante

Funding : European Research Council Starting Grant

Project leader : Hospices Civils de Lyon

The surgeon’s performance during the operation is a key determinant of the success of the surgery. Therefore, solutions that optimize the surgeon’s condition at the time of surgery could promote high-quality surgical care. We aim to study this aspect of surgery in close collaboration with the surgical teams, using an approach inspired by previous research in non-health-related fields.

This surgeon-centered study aims to : 1) Improve our understanding of the human and organizational determinants that can influence surgeons’ results over time, regardless of the patient’s preoperative risk and the complexity of the surgical procedure; 3) Measure the impact of a customized coaching program for surgeons on their patient outcomes.

A cluster randomized trial will be conducted in the adult digestive, endocrine, orthopedic, gynecological, urological, cardiac and thoracic surgery departments of several university hospitals. A cohort of surgeons will be established and monitored during an observation period, which will be used to collect data on the operating theatre environment, the surgeons’ individual parameters, and the patient outcomes. These data will come from the hospitals’ data warehouse, sensors worn by surgeons, and self-administered questionnaires. These data will be analyzed to identify the human and organizational factors associated with the surgeon’s performance, and to develop a coaching program adapted to the needs and preferences of the surgeons.

Surgeon, Human factor, Operating room organization, Patient outcomes, Surgical performance

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