Reshape | Sophie SCHLATTER


RESHAPE - PostDoc Position Contact :


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Research on Healthcare Performance (RESHAPE), Inserm U1290

Centre Lyonnais d’Enseignement par Simulation en Santé (CLESS, high fidelity medical simulation center), SIMULYON, Lyon, France.

Research axis

-  Characterization of psychophysiological, cognitive and behavioral effects induced by a stressful situation

-  Exploration of determinant of individual performances

-  Evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions on performance, quality of life and health.


Sophie Schlatter has developed multidisciplinary expertise based on methods from psychology, physiology (sensors data, biological analyses) and behavioral neuroscience (brain stimulation, cognitive tasks, eyes tracking).

Her actual researches aim at determining efficient tools for health professionals. She is working on preventive and personalized approaches in medical students, anesthesiologists and surgeons.

She is co-leader of the research committee of the OSCE of the Faculty of Medicine Lyon Est and she is largely involved in the researches made by the simulation in Health center of Lyon (CLESS).

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