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Hospices Civils de Lyon, Pôle de Santé Publique, Service des Données de Santé, Lyon

INSERM U1290, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Research on Healthcare Performance lab (RESHAPE), Lyon

Research axis

PhD work : Adaptation of control charts to the monitoring of temporal variations of results in surgery

Year of Enrollment : 2022

Supervisors :
Director : Pr. Antoine Duclos
Co-director: Pr. Jean-Christophe Lifante

Summary :
Adverse events following surgery are relatively common, with nearly one in ten patients exposed to serious and preventable complications. Temporal monitoring of surgical outcomes can be effective in detecting abnormal changes in safety of care and prompting intervention to reduce patient morbidity and mortality. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is one of the key strategies for quality control and improvement. It consists in monitoring and detecting abnormal variations of indicators over time in order to find the causes in the field and to guide practitioners towards a continuous improvement of quality and safety of their care. This thesis work will seek to propose process control tools adapted to the surgical context to help surgical teams in their approach to improving the quality and safety of care.


Quentin Cordier holds an engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and is currently doing a PhD in Public Health in the RESHAPE laboratory. He is also a biostatistician at Service des Données de Santé, the Health Data Department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon since 2019. His research is mainly dedicated to surgical care safety.

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