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- Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Research on Healthcare Performance (RESHAPE), Inserm U1290

- Collège Universitaire de Médecine Générale de Lyon

- Faculty of Education, university of Ottawa, Canada

- uOttawa-Institut du savoir Montfort Research Chair in Medical Education, Canada

- Maison de Santé Pluriprofessionnelle Universitaire Bel Air, Saint Priest, France

Research axis

Axis: Health professions education

Thesis Title: Assessment and dimensions of self-confidence of family medicine and general medicine residents: development and validation of a tool to measure self-confidence of French-speaking family medicine residents in Ottawa (Canada) and general medicine residents in Lyon (France), its characteristics and dimensions 

Year of Enrollment: 2021

Supervisors: Pr Eric Dionne and Dr Marc Chanelière

Thesis summary:

Problem: Self-confidence is essential for quality and safe care. A lack of self-confidence can imply failure and lack of support for the patient, or even be a source of errors. Yet it is not highly valued in medical training because it is complex and not well-defined. While one out of two physicians is a family physician in Canada or France, we choose this specialty in the French-speaking context. Furthermore, the literature does not find a valid consensual tool for evaluating the self-confidence of family medicine residents.

Research Question: How can self-confidence be assessed in a standardized way for francophone family medicine residents in Ottawa and general medicine residents in Lyon, France?

Work to be done: The relevance of the notion of self-confidence in the learning of these future physicians will be analyzed through their memoirs. The scientific literature will allow us to take stock of the tools for measuring self-confidence that exists to date. Then we will build our tool by ensuring its scientific validity. It will be tested before analyzing the results with some francophone family medicine residents in Ottawa and their counterparts in Lyon, France. 

Expected results: We will show how self-confidence is an issue in the learning of these future physicians. We will use the self-confidence assessment tools found in the literature to develop our own. It will be a self-questionnaire evaluating self-confidence and the different elements modulating it (gender, age...).

Scientific contribution: We will then be able to disseminate the questionnaire more widely to monitor the evolution of the self-confidence of future doctors and to identify the possibilities of support in their professional development.


Juliette Macabrey is a PhD student in education with a focus on health professions education. Her work focuses on the confidence of postgraduate students in family medicine and the development of a tool to assess it.

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