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Research axis

Title of thesis : Développement, évaluation et implémentation d’un programme de transition centré sur le patient pour les patients victimes d’AVC, associant un suivi par un case-manager et l’accès à une plateforme Internet d’information.

Year of registration : 21/09/2021

Co-directors : Anne-Marie Schott / Julie Haesebaert / Laurent Derex

Summary of the thesis

Her thesis work is aim to develop, evaluate and implement a patient-centered transition program for stroke patients and their informal caregivers, combining case-management and access to an internet information platform. This program aims to improve quality of life of stroke survivors and their informal caregivers when they return home. 

To achieve this aim, she uses a user-centerd design approach to co-design the program with stroke survivors, informal caregivers and health professionals. The feasibility of the program will then be tested in a pilot randomized controlled trial. 


Marion Delvallée holds a Master's degree in Public Health with a specialization in Health Services and Clinical Research from Lyon 1, and is continuing her studies with a PhD in Public Health at the RESHAPE laboratory.

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