Doctorante Contact : lucie.jurek@ch-le-vinatier.fr


Faculty in Health Services Research, Health Services and Performance Research Lab (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I - RESHAPE, U1290), France

Chef de clinique, Lyon Sud Medical School (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I) - Neurodevelopmental Disorders Diagnosis Center (Le Vinatier Specialized Hospital), Bron, France

Research axis

Thèse en cours : Qualitative research synthesis with the use of Natural Language Processing methods : applications in the field of child and adolescent neurodevelopmental disorders.

Inscription : 2021

Encadrant : Pr Cyrille COLIN

Co-Encadrants : Dr Sandrine TOUZET, Dr Marie-Maude GEOFFRAY


Lucie JUREK is a child and adolescent psychiatrist working in a Neurodevelopmental Disorders diagnosis center in Le Vinatier Hospital (Bron, France). She has a MSc in clinical neurosciences and neuropsychology and a M1 in public health. She is interested in research synthesis and is working on methods to optimise qualitative research and its synthesis with natural language processing.